Really Canonical

* Overheard at KubeCon: "microk8s.status just blew my mind". Last login: Thu Nov 21 08:36:04 2019 from hank@tinyserver:~$ microk8s.status microk8s is running addons: cilium: disabled dashboard: enabled dns: enabled fluentd: disabled gpu: disabled helm: disabled ingress: enabled istio: disabled jaeger: disabled juju: disabled knative: disabled kubeflow: disabled linkerd: disabled metallb: disabled metrics-server: disabled prometheus: disabled rbac: disabled registry: enabled storage: enabled I mean, really? That blew your mind?...

December 10, 2019

Weekend Update

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life but this doesn’t really seem like it should be it. Crouched with my head aching over a podcast and a mug of cold coffee staring at the sun outside dreading the resumption of duties and obligations. Happy Saturday everybody.

October 5, 2019

Self Care Dont Care

The thing I really need to do this week is take care of myself. Watch my sleep schedule, get my exercise, conduct my business in a fulfilling and sustainable way. This is something I have told myself a lot. It’s my own little Mount Everest. Lets give it another shot.

September 28, 2019

Code Reviews

I’m a big believer in code reviews, possibly more than is warranted. It’s also true that it is hard work, and it is often hard to get started. So here are a list of the things I try to do, maybe they will help someone else. Say nice things about nice code. We all have our ups and downs. Code reviews are often about preventing things from going wrong in the future- and it can be hard on the people in the present....

June 2, 2019

CSS Grid

I don’t really do frontend work any more, so I never got around to actually using it until now. It’s amazing though- <form> <label name="title">Title:</label> <input name="title"></input> <label name="question">Question:</label> <input name="question"></input> <label name="answer">Answer:</label> <input name="answer"></input> </form> form { display: grid; grid-template-columns: 100px 1fr; grid-gap: 10px; padding: 10px; background-color: #eee } form label { grid-column: 1; /* put the labels on the left */ text-align: right; } form input { grid-column: 2; /* put the inputs on the right */ }...

December 16, 2018

a quick Hugo plugin for gnome builder

I whipped this together to try and work on my blog less in vim. It wasn’t that bad, I should write more of these.

September 3, 2018

rkt beginner notes

Since I collect abandonware container systems: getting started with rkt from quay, the coreos dockerhub competitor- # sudo rkt fetch # sudo rkt run --interactive --exec=/bin/sh from dockerhub- # sudo rkt --insecure-options=image fetch docker://alpine # sudo rkt run --interactive docker://alpine --exec=/bin/sh the dockerhub stuff also creates a fake rkt registry for docker- # sudo rkt run --interactive --exec=/bin/sh will also work. Finally, Quay mirrors the default Docker library under quay....

December 19, 2017

scratch directories with overlayfs

One of the nice things about Concourse is that everything gets a normal, read-write directory tree to work in, but changes made aren’t persisted, so you don’t have to worry about temporary files, scratch work, mistakes, etc., interfering with other jobs down the line. It turns out you can do this yourself, and it’s not super hard. overlayfs is a newer Linux filesystem, the new default Concourse filesystem driver, and pretty cool....

October 15, 2017

a quick pitch for Concourse

Software development is hard, working with other people is hard. Making sure you never skip any steps is hard, reminding other people to not skip any steps is harder. If you are really strict about it, you are a jerk, if you are not, you are a vindictive jerk. The airline industry solves this with checklists, but something about office workers really resists a checklist. It is an admission that you do not know everything, or that your contribution is fungible....

August 19, 2017

maslow's hierarchy of needs

After self-actualization, a little known fact is that the next, tiniest part of the pyramid is the ability find your cell phone before you leave. The normal solution is to have someone call it for you- sound being a part of the hierarchy of senses- but if you’re alone, trying to leave, and you can’t find the thing, what then? I bought this little board for almost nothing, got a trial account at Twilio, and hacked up a little program....

July 30, 2017