Really Canonical

 * Overheard at KubeCon: "microk8s.status just blew my mind".
Last login: Thu Nov 21 08:36:04 2019 from
hank@tinyserver:~$ microk8s.status
microk8s is running
cilium: disabled
dashboard: enabled
dns: enabled
fluentd: disabled
gpu: disabled
helm: disabled
ingress: enabled
istio: disabled
jaeger: disabled
juju: disabled
knative: disabled
kubeflow: disabled
linkerd: disabled
metallb: disabled
metrics-server: disabled
prometheus: disabled
rbac: disabled
registry: enabled
storage: enabled

I mean, really? That blew your mind?

I resent folksy advertising. Just plop a static ‘upgrade here’ link in the MOTD and leave me alone.